Walk In Fume Hoods

Walk-in hoods are available in the standard lengths of 4ft to 9ft and also available for custom sizes depending on the lab space requirements. Their exterior panels are constructed with heavy gauge cold rolled steel, phosphate coated with a baked chemical resistant and synthetic resin finish. They are available with vertical and horizontal sash types, radiuses corner posts and airfoils for smooth air movement assuring high levels of comfort, safety and efficiency. These hoods are designed and tested using ASHRAE 110-1995, BS 7258 and DIN 12.924 Standards.

  • Adjustable Baffles
  • Air Flow and Static Pressure Alarms
  • Service Fittings and Piping
  • Electrical Fixtures and Wiring
  • UL listed when pre-wired per UL 61010A-1
  • 1805 UL classified with Kemglass, Stainless
  • Steel, or Phenolic Resin liner
  • Vapor Proof and Explosion Proof Lighting
  • Stainless Steel Deflector Vane
  • Alternate Sash Handles
  • Sash Frame
  • Tempered Sash Glass
  • Tissue Screen
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Distillation Rack
  • Sash Stop
  • Stainless Steel Duct Collar
  • Work Floor & Removable Work Shelf