Use Stand Alone Units to Build a Custom Lab

Use Stand Alone Units to Build a Custom Lab

Scientific Laboratory Furniture:

Labs don’t always need to follow a specific designs long as they allow free movement and space to conduct experiments. There are some companies that manufacture and sell pre-assembled kits, but they don’t really fit into all labs because labs could be of different shapes and sizes. Thankfully, you don’t need to purchase those kits and can put a small lab together with some stand alone units (Laboratory furniture). Here’s a list of all the things you might need to get the job done.

Analytical Table

This is essentially a study table-like structure for the lab and generally has two storage units under the table, and two above it. This is great for small, private labs that don’t require large work surfaces. These stand alone units can be placed in a corner against the wall,so it takes up very little space.

Anti-vibration Table

As the name suggests, anti-vibration tables are very steady and won’t shake during the experiments. This means you can place and use apparatuses like centrifugeson them. They have solid, broad feet that sit flat on the ground with sturdy countertops. These tables are usually heavy so they counteract the force of the vibrations. If you have apparatus that vibrates, you need a few tables like these.

Sample Storage Cabinet

Chemical and biological samples have special storage requirements. These cabinets are usually made from very resilient materials like industrial standard sheet metal. These cabinets are resistant to scratches, vapours, corrosion, and other such problems. These stand alone units are ideal places to store your chemical bottles, glassware, samples, etc.

Wall Storage Cabinet

This is versatile and you can use it in any way you want. The wall storage cabinet isportable and doesn’t require much assembly so you can just have it delivered to your lab and start using it immediately. This is one of the most commonly purchased stand alone units available today.

Laminar Air Flow Cabinet

Every lab has some sensitive compounds and materials that need to be stored in special conditions. The Laminar Air Flow cabinetis a closed bench and it has enough storage space to accommodate a number of biological samples, semiconductor wafers, and particle sensitive device. It’s almost always used to store perishable biological samples like tissue culture, blood samples, etc.

Safety Cabinet Lockers

Some lab equipment and compounds are expensive, sensitive, and risky. They need to be locked securely when not in use, which is why everylab should have safety lockers. These lockers are usually made from resilient and durable materials and aren’t easy to break into.

Laboratory Trolleys

It’s risky to carry volatile chemicals and heavy equipment in your hands because if you trip or are jostled, those chemicals might spill on you or the equipment will fall. That can lead to severe injuries. Laboratory trolleys can help you avoid these problems and allow you to carry things around safely.

There are several other stand alone units like change over bench, glassware drying unit, apron cupboard, etc. These items will help you create a lab that’s ideally suited for your needs.

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