What Kind of Accessories Do You Need In a Lab?

What Kind of Accessories Do You Need In a Lab?

When you plan to install a new lab in your property, there are many things you need to consider. A fully functional lab requires workspaces, storage, hoods, chairs and tools, and other such laboratory accessories. If you want to conduct experiments safely and comfortably, you should have everything in place. So, before you start building a lab, you need to plan.

Figure Out What You Need

Your first step is to think of what kind of experiments your lab would conduct on a regular basis and what kind of equipment you would purchase. For example, if you want a centrifuge in your lab, you need anti-vibration tables to ensure the surface doesn’t shift and damage the equipment. Here are some points you should consider:

    • How many people would work in the lab at a given time?


    • Would you have expensive tools, risky chemicals, and biological agents in your lab?


    • Do you want to build a scalable lab that has room to grow in the future?


    • How much equipment and apparatus do you intend to store in your lab?


  • What kind of equipment and apparatus do you intend to store in your lab?

These are just some of the many questions you should ask yourself before you purchase anything. This would give you a basic idea of what you need and you can plan your budget accordingly.

Never Forget the Accessories

Many people forget to account for laboratory accessories in their budget and plans, and often regret that slip-up. While these accessories might seem insignificant during the planning stage, they are necessary to the every-day functioning of your lab. Here are some accessories that you shouldn’t miss:

    • Electrical Outlets and LAN – Without electrical outlets, you won’t be able to operate most lab equipment. These electrical outlets should be compatible with all of the equipment you’d use in your laboratory. You should also consider their placement carefully because the last thing you want isa long wire from the equipment and the electrical outlet. You should also ensure the outlets are of good equality because any bad quality ones can easily damage your equipment.


    • Keyboard Drawers–Most labs have computers to help with calculations and experiments. However, space is always a concern and you should utilise every opportunity to save some and minimize the clutter. These drawers will house the keyboard and mouse and ensure they’re out of the way. This would reduce the clutter and keep things organised in your lab.


    • Sink and Water Taps–Sinks and taps are often forgotten, but they’re very importantlaboratory accessories. These sinks and taps are designed exclusively for lab usage and are made from resilient materials that can withstand chemicals and corrosion. Every lab should have at least one sink and tap to give you a place to clean up and wash your apparatus.

These laboratory accessories will ensure your lab is fully functional and you can carry out all of your experiments smoothly.

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