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Lab furniture for pharmaceutical, research and educational sectors

Lab furniture for pharmaceutical, research and educational sectors

Scientific lab [Lab Furniture-lab suppliers in India]

Scientific lab is highly established and leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of various kinds of Laboratory Furniture.

With time, we have gained the trust and faith of our customers and have established our foothold in the market. Our consistent efforts and passion for improvement have helped us in reaching tremendous success levels. Our products range includes Science Lab Furniture, Laboratory Working Table, Science Laboratory Furniture, Modular Lab Furniture, Chemistry Lab Furniture, Vertical Laminar Air Flow, Horizontal Laminar Air Flow, Laboratory Fume Hoods, Modular Furniture all our products are developed as per the leading industry guidelines and they provide us an edge over our competitors. We always follow our customers’ inputs and invite them to give their expert opinions during our manufacturing process. Our products are properly tested.

Scientific lab equipment suppliers

We are scientific lab equipment suppliers in india. we always adhere to the latest industry guidelines and bulk deliveries are provided within stipulated time limits. Our products are considered highly reliable and effective. We have achieved lots of goodwill from our customers due to our exquisite product range.

Lab furniture

Scientific lab offers lab furniture in series to compatible with any research and experimental laboratories. Lab Furniture designed and manufactured for installation and use in a laboratory.

Laboratory equipment

Scientists use a variety of tools to explore the world around them. Tools are very important in the advancement of science. The type of tools scientists use depends on the problems they are trying to solve. A scientist may use something as simple as a metric ruler to measure the length of a leaf. At another time, the same scientist may use a complex computer to analyze large amounts of data concerning hundreds of leaves. In this investigation, you will identify pieces of laboratory equipment likely to be found in a biology laboratory. You will also

Learn the function of each piece of laboratory equipment.

Science laboratories

In recent years, science teaching has undergone rapid changes towards a much greater emphasis on the experimental approach. There is an increasing demand for better science laboratories facilities and services. The new standard design 14 special rooms are provided with five science laboratories. The laboratory should preferably have no pillars inside. A preparation room is to be provided for each science laboratory.

Lab equipment

Scientific lab’s line of bench-top lab equipment offers a compact design to conserve valuable space in crowded work areas. All lab equipment models are engineered for quiet and efficient operation and manufactured with durable materials to provide a long service life.

Scientific laboratory

Scientific lab one of the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of scientific laboratory and instruments. Our products are extensively used in pharmaceutical industry, laboratory, school labs, pathology lab & Engineering College.

Scientific lab instruments

Scientific lab instruments are known for their effective functionality and exceptional performance during operations. Scientific lab instruments are renowned for precision design, high accuracy, easy operation and long service life. The scientific lab instruments offered by us are stringently tested during the production and finishing stages to ensure uniformity of quality throughout the rang.

Scientific lab furnishings

We have been supplying functional, durable and reliable scientific lab furnishings all over India for last many years. Our customers rely on our expertise because they know we have designed suitable scientific lab furnishings for best outputs.

Laboratory equipment suppliers

We have continued to expand and increase our expertise in Manufacturing and supplying laboratory equipments. For over 19 years, scientific lab has been a leading laboratory equipment supplier in India and all over the world. Scientific lab strives to supply laboratory equipment to customers with exactly what they need to run their laboratories efficiently and safely

lab suppliers,Lab Furniture

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[Lab Furniture-lab suppliers in India]

What Kind of Accessories Do You Need In a Lab?

What Kind of Accessories Do You Need In a Lab?

When you plan to install a new lab in your property, there are many things you need to consider. A fully functional lab requires workspaces, storage, hoods, chairs and tools, and other such laboratory accessories. If you want to conduct experiments safely and comfortably, you should have everything in place. So, before you start building a lab, you need to plan.

Figure Out What You Need

Your first step is to think of what kind of experiments your lab would conduct on a regular basis and what kind of equipment you would purchase. For example, if you want a centrifuge in your lab, you need anti-vibration tables to ensure the surface doesn’t shift and damage the equipment. Here are some points you should consider:

    • How many people would work in the lab at a given time?


    • Would you have expensive tools, risky chemicals, and biological agents in your lab?


    • Do you want to build a scalable lab that has room to grow in the future?


    • How much equipment and apparatus do you intend to store in your lab?


  • What kind of equipment and apparatus do you intend to store in your lab?

These are just some of the many questions you should ask yourself before you purchase anything. This would give you a basic idea of what you need and you can plan your budget accordingly.

Never Forget the Accessories

Many people forget to account for laboratory accessories in their budget and plans, and often regret that slip-up. While these accessories might seem insignificant during the planning stage, they are necessary to the every-day functioning of your lab. Here are some accessories that you shouldn’t miss:

    • Electrical Outlets and LAN – Without electrical outlets, you won’t be able to operate most lab equipment. These electrical outlets should be compatible with all of the equipment you’d use in your laboratory. You should also consider their placement carefully because the last thing you want isa long wire from the equipment and the electrical outlet. You should also ensure the outlets are of good equality because any bad quality ones can easily damage your equipment.


    • Keyboard Drawers–Most labs have computers to help with calculations and experiments. However, space is always a concern and you should utilise every opportunity to save some and minimize the clutter. These drawers will house the keyboard and mouse and ensure they’re out of the way. This would reduce the clutter and keep things organised in your lab.


    • Sink and Water Taps–Sinks and taps are often forgotten, but they’re very importantlaboratory accessories. These sinks and taps are designed exclusively for lab usage and are made from resilient materials that can withstand chemicals and corrosion. Every lab should have at least one sink and tap to give you a place to clean up and wash your apparatus.

These laboratory accessories will ensure your lab is fully functional and you can carry out all of your experiments smoothly.

laboratory accessories
What is a Fume Hood and How Does It Function?

What is a Fume Hood and How Does It Function?

Anyone who has been in a laboratory environment knows that proper ventilation and fume control is absolutely essential. Without it, the lab would be full of toxic fumes and smoke that would damage your lungs and compromise your health. That’s why you need a functional fume hood and we at Scientific Lab can provide you with one.

What Does It Do?

Fume hoods are some of the most important apparatuses in the laboratory and without it, you can’t conduct some of your more risky experiments. Here’s a brief explanation on what this device does to help you:

    • It protects you from inhaling smoke, fumes, and toxins from chemicals, fire, biological matter, etc, that’s present in the lab.


    • The fume hood would also protect sensitive and volatile elements from the environment and the basespresent in the lab. This ensures delicate samples and microorganismsaren’t corrupted, and show true results at the end of the experiment.


    • These hoods can be used to create a unique environment for your samples or cultures. You can add specific air filters to alter the composition of the air within the hood.


  • This device can also be used to contain explosions and spills because it’s always made from resilient and durable materials.


Fume hoods are lined with different materials to provide the best environment for experiments. The most commonly used materials are:

  • Epoxy Resin
  • Phenolic Resin
  • Stainless Steel (Square Corner)
  • Stainless Steel (Coved-Corner)
  • Fibre-reinforced Plastic
  • Cement Board

Different materials provide different advantages. For example, epoxy or phenolic resin is great for a wide range of experiments. Square-corner steel is great for heat-resistance and durability. Coved-corner steel is great for biohazard and decontamination.

Types of Fume Hoods

There are many kinds of hoods that serve different purposes. You need to think about what kind of experiments you would conduct in your lab before you choose one:

  • Bench Mounted Fume Hood –The bench mounted hood, can be placed on a bench and is compact. It’s ideal for small labs with limited capacity. It’s often used to remove gas, chemical mist, and vapours in normal lab conditions. This is the more affordable option and is widely used in a number of school and college labs. It can handle low-hazard conditions easily and has a consistent exhaust volume.


  • Walk-In Fume Hoods –These hoods are large and create a contained environment where researchers and scientists and walk in and conduct their experiments. These come in standard heights of 4ft by 6ft which can be customized according to your requirements. They’re made from sturdy materials that can withstand lab conditions and are roomy enough to offer considerably maneuverability.

Good fume hoods will keep your lab environment healthy and sanitized, which is absolutely essential for your health. If you intend to experiment with chemical, toxic biological, or radio-chemical materials, a hood and a hazmat suit would protect you from negative consequences

fume hood
Use Stand Alone Units to Build a Custom Lab

Use Stand Alone Units to Build a Custom Lab

Scientific Laboratory Furniture:

Labs don’t always need to follow a specific designs long as they allow free movement and space to conduct experiments. There are some companies that manufacture and sell pre-assembled kits, but they don’t really fit into all labs because labs could be of different shapes and sizes. Thankfully, you don’t need to purchase those kits and can put a small lab together with some stand alone units (Laboratory furniture). Here’s a list of all the things you might need to get the job done.

Analytical Table

This is essentially a study table-like structure for the lab and generally has two storage units under the table, and two above it. This is great for small, private labs that don’t require large work surfaces. These stand alone units can be placed in a corner against the wall,so it takes up very little space.

Anti-vibration Table

As the name suggests, anti-vibration tables are very steady and won’t shake during the experiments. This means you can place and use apparatuses like centrifugeson them. They have solid, broad feet that sit flat on the ground with sturdy countertops. These tables are usually heavy so they counteract the force of the vibrations. If you have apparatus that vibrates, you need a few tables like these.

Sample Storage Cabinet

Chemical and biological samples have special storage requirements. These cabinets are usually made from very resilient materials like industrial standard sheet metal. These cabinets are resistant to scratches, vapours, corrosion, and other such problems. These stand alone units are ideal places to store your chemical bottles, glassware, samples, etc.

Wall Storage Cabinet

This is versatile and you can use it in any way you want. The wall storage cabinet isportable and doesn’t require much assembly so you can just have it delivered to your lab and start using it immediately. This is one of the most commonly purchased stand alone units available today.

Laminar Air Flow Cabinet

Every lab has some sensitive compounds and materials that need to be stored in special conditions. The Laminar Air Flow cabinetis a closed bench and it has enough storage space to accommodate a number of biological samples, semiconductor wafers, and particle sensitive device. It’s almost always used to store perishable biological samples like tissue culture, blood samples, etc.

Safety Cabinet Lockers

Some lab equipment and compounds are expensive, sensitive, and risky. They need to be locked securely when not in use, which is why everylab should have safety lockers. These lockers are usually made from resilient and durable materials and aren’t easy to break into.

Laboratory Trolleys

It’s risky to carry volatile chemicals and heavy equipment in your hands because if you trip or are jostled, those chemicals might spill on you or the equipment will fall. That can lead to severe injuries. Laboratory trolleys can help you avoid these problems and allow you to carry things around safely.

There are several other stand alone units like change over bench, glassware drying unit, apron cupboard, etc. These items will help you create a lab that’s ideally suited for your needs.

Laboratory furniture
Types of Furniture in a Laboratory

Types of Furniture in a Laboratory

Lab Furniture:

Scientific labs require specially-designed furniture that would be able to withstand lab conditions. To a certain extent, it should be able to tolerate chemical spills and stains,and be resistant to heat and cold. Every laboratory needs to have a set of lab furniture that would allow scientists and researchers to conduct experiments comfortably. At Scientific Lab, we believe that you need these laboratory furniture pieces in a lab:

Center Table

As the name implies, this table is usually placed in the center of the room and offers considerable amount of mobility for a group of researchers to work together. They’ll conduct research and experiments at this table and still have easy access to chemicals and apparatus, thanks to the forensic and chemical cupboards factored into the table design.

A lab table should be able to withstand impact and abrasions that are a normal part of the lab work. It should also be resistant to caustic chemical, biological agents, and fire- accidents. Good quality center tables, like most laboratory furniture, come with special coatings and materials.

Laminate is the most common and affordable material, but it doesn’t provide the best resistance and isn’t durable. Epoxy resin, however, offers great value for money. The other materials are phenolic resin and stainless steel, both of which would deliver good performance in laboratory conditions

Instrument Table

When you conduct experiments, you use many different instruments including microscopes, centrifuges, burners, etc. Most lab experiments are time-sensitive and you can’t afford to waste precious minutes look from the right instrument. That’s why these tables are necessary in any lab. All your instruments and equipment would sit neatly on this table and that would help you with the experiments.

Instrument tables are also made from epoxy resin, laminates, stainless steel, or phenolic resin. They need to be strong, sturdy, and stable because most instruments are very delicate and need a solid base. These tables also need to resist chemicals, burns, and biological agents.

Working Bench

These benches are often placed flush against the wall and out of the way. This allows you to move around the lab more freely and still offers considerable amount of workspace and storage. Working benches are great for medical institutions, research laboratories, and hospitals.

Their surface is fire & impact-resistant, and can easily handle chemicals and biological spills. Working benches also need to be easy to clean and sanitize because unclean laboratory furniture can easily corrupt experiments and alter test results. The surface of this table isn’t porous so dust and grime don’t settle in. The uniform surface is ideal for the lab environment.

Working Table

This table is great for small labs with a limited amount of space. The surface is usually made from epoxy polyester, which is non-porous and easy to clean and maintain. Like all tables, it’s also fire-resistant and can easily withstand chemical spills easily.

A fully-functional lab would have these tables along with forensic cabinets, chemical cabinets, chairs and stools, and other such lab furniture.

lab furniture